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Proteomics Biomarker Discovery for Individualized Prevention of Familial Pancreatic Cancer Using Statistical Learning

In the simulation study, model-based gradient boosting showed a more accurate prediction performance in the small, unbalanced, and high-dimensional datasets than adaptive lasso and could identify m

21h ago
Preferences, Barriers, and Facilitators Regarding Virtual Pelvic Health Care in Individuals With Gynaecological Cancers: Protocol for a Patient-Oriented, Mixed-Methods Study

Given that barriers such as time, travel, and costs are known to limit access to physiotherapy services, a virtual pelvic health physiotherapy programme may help to facilitate access. 

BMJ Open
21h ago
Study Explores the Addition of First-Line Atezolizumab in BRAF V600–Mutant Advanced Melanoma

The second interim overall survival analysis of the phase III IMspire150 trial has shown a numeric but statistically nonsignificant improvement with the addition of first-line atezolizumab to vemur

The ASCO Post
21h ago
Aggregation Tests Identify New Gene Associations With Breast Cancer in Populations With Diverse Ancestry

Using extended gene-based aggregation tests including coding and regulatory variation, we report identification of plausible target genes for previously identified single-marker associations with B

Genome Medicine
1d ago


Results of late-breaking developments from the POSEIDON Phase III trial revealed improved overall survival with a limited course of five cycles of tremelimumab added to durvalumab plus platinum chemotherapy. 

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