Follicular Lymphoma

Follicular Lymphoma

Mutational Patterns and Their Correlation to CHIP-Related Mutations and Age in Hematological Malignancies

Differences in mutation patterns in cases with or without CHIP-associated mutations across entities suggest differences in pathophysiology.

Blood Advances
FDA Grants Priority Review to Tisagenlecleucel for Advanced Follicular Lymphoma

Tisagenlecleucel, a chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy, was granted priority review for treatment of adults with relapsed or refractory follicular lymphoma...

Low CCL19 Expression is Associated With Adverse Clinical Outcomes for Follicular Lymphoma Patients Treated With Chemoimmunotherapy

This study examined hub genes associated with prognosis in follicular lymphoma treated with first-line rituximab combined with chemotherapy.

Journal of Translational Medicine

Limited Benefit of Additional Contrast-Enhanced CT to End-of-Treatment PET/CT Evaluation in Patients With Follicular Lymphoma

The aim of the study was to assess and compare the diagnostic performance of PET/ldCT and PET/ceCT, respectively, in evaluating FL patients at the end of treatment.

Scientific Reports
Axicabtagene Ciloleucel Improves Multiple Clinical Endpoints in Relapsed Follicular Lymphoma

For the treatment of R/R follicular lymphoma, updated data from the ZUMA-5 trial show substantial improvement in all key clinical endpoints with axicabtagene ciloleucel.

The ASCO Post
Lack of Intrafollicular Memory CD4 + T Cells is Predictive of Early Clinical Failure in Newly Diagnosed Follicular Lymphoma

Lack of intrafollicular CD4 expression predicts early failure in FL and combined with FLIPI improves identification of high-risk patients.

Blood Cancer Journal
Copanlisib Plus Rituximab Shows Superior Efficacy Over Monotherapy in FL, MZL

Copanlisib when given in combination with rituximab demonstrated superior efficacy when compared to rituximab monotherapy in patients with relapsed FL/MZL, per findings presented at ASH 2021.

Oncology Learning Network
Role of Allogeneic HSCT Fading in Lymphoma Management

As targeted therapies and novel treatments emerge, allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation has taken a backseat to immunotherapy in the treatment of lymphoma.

Intratumoral T Cells Have a Differential Impact on FDG-PET Parameters in Follicular Lymphoma

Pretherapy TMTV is reflective of the FL tumor cell burden within malignant nodes.

Blood Advances
High Basal Maximal Standardized Uptake Value in Follicular Lymphoma Identifies Patients with a Low Risk of Long-Term Relapse

A simple and easily available parameter, such as SUVmax, could represent a useful tool in clinical practice to evaluate at diagnosis the risk of late relapse in follicular lymphoma.

Axicabtagene Ciloleucel Demonstrates Improvement Across Multiple Endpoints in Relapsed or Refractory Follicular Lymphoma

In the treatment of R/R FL, a comparison of data from the ZUMA-5 trial with those of the external control cohort of the SCHOLAR-5 trial show substantial improvement in all clinical endpoints with a

The ASCO Post
'Impressive Results' With CAR T-cell in R/R Follicular Lymphoma

A new analysis suggests patients with R/R FL live longer when they are treated with the novel anti-CD19 chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy axicabtagene ciloleucel than...

DC-SIGN Binding to Mannosylated B-cell Receptors in Follicular Lymphoma Down-Modulates Receptor Signaling Capacity

Investigators show that despite being of low-level, DC-SIGN induces a similar downstream transcriptional response to anti-IgM in primary FL cells, characterized by activation of pathways associated

Scientific Reports
Real-World, Single-Center Data for Lenalidomide Plus Rituximab in Relapsed or Refractory Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma and Transformed Follicular Lymphoma

This study explores the efficacy of lenalidomide plus rituximab for patients with R/R DLBCL including cases of secondary CNS involvement and transformed FL in real-world context because...

Cancer Management and Research
The Role of Tazemetostat in Relapsed/Refractory Follicular Lymphoma

Tazemetostat was recently approved for the treatment of patients with relapsed FL after 2 or more prior lines of therapy in the presence of an EZH2 mutation and for those without any other...

Therapeutic Advances in Hematology
Chemotherapy-Free Management of Follicular and Marginal Zone Lymphoma

Emerging data with novel forms of immunotherapy suggest that immune-directed approaches can produce very high and potentially durable responses in FL/MZL with limited toxicities, further...

Cancer Management and Research
Treatment Dependence of Prognostic Gene Expression Signatures in de novo Follicular Lymphoma

Study investigators evaluate the performance and treatment dependence of the published gene expression–based models in patients with first-line FL treated in the randomized, phase 3 GALLIUM study..

Epigenetics of Indolent Lymphoma and How It Drives Novel Therapeutic Approaches—Focus on EZH2-Targeted Drugs

Epigenetic modifier gene mutations are common in patients with FL.

Current Oncology Reports
The Value of Complete Remission According to Positron Emission Tomography Prior to Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation in Lymphoma: A Population-Based Study Showing Improved Outcome

CAR T-cell and bispecific antibody therapies will likely necessitate a reconsideration of the role of ASCT in lymphoma. Patients who are likely to profit from ASCT need to be better identified.

BMC Cancer
EHA Endorsement of ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for Newly Diagnosed and Relapsed Follicular Lymphoma

The ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up for Follicular Lymphoma released in the late 2020 in accordance with the ESMO standard operating procedures for...

Effect of Lisocabtagene Maraleucel on HRQoL and Symptom Severity in Relapsed/Refractory Large B-Cell Lymphoma

HRQoL and symptom improvements across prespecified EORTC QLQ-C30 scales were clinically meaningful in a notable proportion of patients.

Blood Advances
Lenalidomide Triggers T-cell Effector Functions in vivo in Patients With Follicular Lymphoma

Lenalidomide induces early T-cell activation and reprogramming, and restores long-term immune synapse formation in vivo in FL patients.

Blood Advances
Lack of Activation-Induced Cytidine Deaminase Expression in in situ Follicular Neoplasia

The immunoglobulin heavy chain genes undergo class switch recombination and somatic hypermutation to produce a diverse repertoire of high affinity antibodies.

EU Panel Endorses Duvelisib for CLL and Follicular Lymphoma

European Union approval has been recommended for duvelisib for patients with relapsed/refractory CLL or refractory FL who have received at least two prior lines of therapy.

3D Model Characterization by 2D and 3D Imaging in t(14;18)-Positive B-NHL: Perspectives for In Vitro Drug Screens in Follicular Lymphoma

Study investigators report a realistic 3D model of t (14;18)-positive B-NHL cell culture, which monitored by state-of-the-art 2D and 3D imaging, allows more robust drug testing.

Impact of Transformation on the Survival of Patients Diagnosed With Follicular Lymphoma That Progressed Within 24 Months

This study investigates the occurrence of transformation and its association with POD24 in FL patients receiving RCVP, RCHOP, and BR.

Journal of Cancer
Inhibitory Effects of Periplocin on Lymphoma Cells: A Network Pharmacology Approach and Experimental Validation

The effects of periplocin on lymphoma and the underlying mechanisms of action remain unclear.

Drug Design, Development and Therapy
The Imbalance of Circulating Follicular T Helper Cell Subsets in Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome Associates With Serological Alterations and Abnormal B-Cell Distribution

This study investigates whether a change in the balance of circulating TFH subsets and follicular regulatory T cells could affect the distribution of B cells in pSS. 

Frontiers in Immunology
Karonudib Has Potent Anti-Tumor Effects in Preclinical Models of B-Cell Lymphoma

Study investigators test the efficacy of karonudib in vitro and in preclinical B-cell lymphoma models. 

Scientific Reports
Heat Shock Proteins in Lymphoma Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy harnessing the host immune system for tumor destruction revolutionized oncology research and advanced treatment strategies for lymphoma patients.

Frontiers in Immunology
Outcomes of Older Patients With Follicular Lymphoma

Older patients with FL have similar early disease outcomes to younger patients. Age alone should not disqualify older FL patients from standard treatments or RCTs.

Blood Advances
Copanlisib for the Treatment of Malignant Lymphoma: Clinical Experience and Future Perspectives

Ongoing studies of copanlisib in combination with rituximab and standard-of-care chemotherapy in patients with relapsed indolent lymphoma have the potential to support the use of copanlisib...

Targeted Treatment of Follicular Lymphoma

Recent advances in understanding of the unique genetic and immune biology of FL have led to increasingly potent and precise novel targeted agents, suggesting that a CT-future...

Journal of Personalized Medicine

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