Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer

Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy May Reduce Short-Term Mortality in Advanced Ovarian Cancer

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy may decrease short-term mortality in patients with advanced ovarian cancer, according to recently published research.

Cancer Therapy Advisor
Targeting Ovarian Carcinoma With TSP-1:CD47 Antagonist TAX2 Activates Anti-Tumor Immunity

Study investigators aimed at providing an extensive molecular characterization of TAX2 mode of action, while evaluating its potential in ovarian cancer therapy.

Niraparib Exhibits a Synergistic Anti-Tumor Effect With PD-L1 Blockade by Inducing an Immune Response in Ovarian Cancer

In this study, investigators examined the dynamic changes and responses of immune cells and cytokines during Niraparib treatment for ovarian cancer.

Journal of Translational Medicine

TTK is a Potential Therapeutic Target for Cisplatin-Resistant Ovarian Cancer

In this study, cisplatin-resistant ovarian cancer cell line A2780 (A2780cis) was established to explore the relationship between TTK expression and cisplatin-resistance.

Journal of Ovarian Research
Induction of Mitochondria Mediated Apoptosis in Human Ovarian Cancer Cells by Folic Acid Coated Tin Oxide Nanoparticles

This study aims to prepare FA-SnO2 NPs for specifically targeting human ovarian cancer cells with minimum side effects against normal cells.

Risk Reduction Strategies for BRCA1/2 Hereditary Ovarian Cancer Syndromes

Researchers make recommendations regarding the care of women who harbour a pathogenic or likely pathogenic variant in BRCA1 and BRCA2.

Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice
Galectin-1 as a Predictive Biomarker in Ovarian Cancer

In this study, investigators tested the clinical implications of serum Galectin-1 levels in patients with ovarian tumors.

Journal of Ovarian Research
Up-Regulation of GSTT1 in Serous Ovarian Cancer Associated With Resistance to TAXOL / Carboplatin

To overcome this shortcoming of chemotherapy, investigators established taxol and carboplatin resistant serous ovarian cancer cell lines for the understandings of the...

Journal of Ovarian Research
The Immune-Related Gene ELF3 is a Novel Biomarker for the Prognosis of Ovarian Cancer

This comprehensive study determined the role of ELF3 in ovarian cancer through bioinformatic analysis.

International Journal of General Medicine
Multiple Genetic Variants Predict the PFS of Bevacizumab Plus Chemotherapy in Advanced Ovarian Cancer

Here, tumor tissues from patients with advanced ovarian cancer receiving BV-based regimens are analyzed with a 150-gene targeted panel for next generation sequencing.

Construction of a ceRNA Network of Hub Genes Affecting Immune Infiltration in Ovarian Cancer Identified by WGCNA

This study aims to identify hub genes associated with immune infiltrates to provide insight into the immune regulatory mechanisms in ovarian cancer.

BMC Cancer
Ovarian Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells—Cellular and Molecular Characteristics, Signaling Pathways, and Usefulness as a Diagnostic Tool in Medicine and Oncology

The current histological classification of ovarian tumors, their epidemiology, and the recent knowledge of ovarian CSCs, with particular emphasis on their molecular basis, are...

Analyzing Health Concerns in Long-Term Ovarian Cancer Survivors

A recent study shows a high frequency of health concerns among long-term ovarian cancer survivors, despite strong follow-up care in these patients.

Oncology Times - Latest Articles
Changes in Peripheral Lymphocyte Populations in Patients With Advanced/Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Undergoing Splenectomy During Cytoreductive Surgery

This study investigates changes in peripheral lymphocyte subsets after splenectomy during cytoreductive surgery for advanced or recurrent ovarian cancers.

Journal of Ovarian Research
Transcriptional Epigenetic Regulation of Fkbp1/Pax9 Genes is Associated With Impaired Sensitivity to Platinum Treatment in Ovarian Cancer

Investigators perform an array of epigenetic approaches, integrating next-generation methodologies and public clinical data to identify new potential epi-biomarkers in ovarian cancer.

Clinical Epigenetics
The Development and Validation of a CT-Based Radiomics Nomogram to Preoperatively Predict Lymph Node Metastasis in High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer

This study develops and validates a radiomics model for predicting preoperative lymph node metastasis in high-grade serous ovarian cancer.

Frontiers in Oncology
Long Non-Coding RNA NEAT1 Facilitates the Growth, Migration, and Invasion of Ovarian Cancer Cells Via the let-7 g/MEST/ATGL Axis

The current study aims to investigate the role of the NEAT1/let-7 g axis in the growth, migration, and invasion of ovarian cancer cells and explore underlying mechanisms.

Cancer Cell International
A Machine Learning Approach to Identify Predictive Molecular Markers for Cisplatin Chemosensitivity Following Surgical Resection in Ovarian Cancer

Study investigators aim to identify a set of molecular markers for predicting platinum sensitivity in ovarian cancer.

Scientific Reports
Utilizing Pafolacianine Sodium for Intraoperative Imaging in Ovarian Cancer

A Phase III trial demonstrates that pafolacianine sodium injection (OTL38) with near-infrared fluorescence imaging intraoperatively identifies additional cancer...

Oncology Times - Latest Articles
Clinical Significance for Combined Coagulation Indexes in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Prognosis

Study investigators aim to identify prognostic values of coagulation biomarkers in epithelial ovarian cancer.

Journal of Ovarian Research
Avelumab Provides No Benefit as Frontline Therapy or Maintenance in Ovarian Cancer

Avelumab, given in combination with CT or as maintenance, did not improve PFS over CT alone in patients with previously untreated, advanced epithelial ovarian cancer...

Cancer Therapy Advisor
Primary Laparoscopic Surgery Does Not Affect the Prognosis of Early-Stage Ovarian Clear Cell Cancer

The aim of this study is to investigate whether primary laparoscopic surgery influences prognosis in patients with early-stage ovarian clear cell carcinoma.

Cancer Management and Research
TIMELESS Promotes Tumor Progression by Enhancing Macrophages Recruitment in Ovarian Cancer

This study was designed to investigate the biological functions and underlying mechanisms of TIM during ovarian cancer progression.

Frontiers in Oncology
Use of PARP Inhibitor Maintenance on the Rise in Platinum-Sensitive, Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

The use of maintenance therapy is becoming more common for patients with platinum-sensitive, recurrent ovarian cancer, regardless of biomarker status, according to a real-world study...

Cancer Therapy Advisor
Identifying & Managing Symptoms in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

At the ASCO 2021 Annual Meeting, researchers highlighted the importance of a targeted approach to symptom management for epithelial ovarian cancer patients undergoing evaluation and treatment.

Oncology Times - Latest Articles
Addition of Avelumab to Chemotherapy in Previously Untreated Patients With Advanced Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

The phase III JAVELIN Ovarian 100 trial shows no PFS benefit with the addition of concurrent and/or maintenance avelumab to CT in previously untreated patients with advanced epithelial ovarian...

The ASCO Post
Multi-Analytical Test Based on Serum miRNAs and Proteins Quantification for Ovarian Cancer Early Detection

Study investigators evaluate by droplet digital PCR circulating miRNAs in serum samples from healthy and untreated ovarian cancer patients, grouped into a discovery/training and clinical validation

Simultaneous Expression of Steroid Sulfatase and Androgen Receptor Reduced Overall Survival of Patients With Epithelial Ovarian Tumors

The aim of this study is to evaluate the expression of the steroid sulfatase in 154 samples of primary ovarian tumors.

Journal of Ovarian Research
NR1D1 Suppressed The Growth of Ovarian Cancer by Abrogating the JAK/STAT3 Signaling Pathway

In this study, the level of NR1D1 in ovarian cancer cells is determined by quantitative real-time PCR.

BMC Cancer
Integrated microRNA and mRNA Signatures Associated With Overall Survival in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

The aim of this study is to investigate whether these miRNA-mRNA signatures might have a prognostic value for OS in different subtypes of epithelial ovarian cancer.

Abnormal Methylation Characteristics Predict Chemoresistance and Poor Prognosis in Advanced High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer

Study investigators hypothesize that specific methylation characteristics could distinguish chemoresistant and chemosensitive ovarian cancer patients.

Clinical Epigenetics
Bevacizumab in Advanced Ovarian Cancer: Phase III Trial Finds More Is Not Better

In advanced ovarian cancer, the duration of maintenance bevacizumab should remain 15 months, according to the European multicenter phase III ENGOT/GCIG trial.

The ASCO Post
Multi-Omics Profiling Identifies Risk Hypoxia-Related Signatures for Ovarian Cancer Prognosis

Hypoxia is a driver of the malignant progression in ovarian cancer, which results in poor prognosis.

Frontiers in Immunology

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