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Pancreatic Cancer Action Network: Precision Promise Trial

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network: Precision Promise Trial

PanCAN Provides No-Cost Pancreatic Enzyme Therapy to Clinical Trial Participants


The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN) is providing pancrelipase, a pancreatic enzyme drug, for supportive care use to participants enrolled in the Precision Promise adaptive clinical trial. This treatment is used for patients experiencing pancreatic exocrine insufficiency (PEI), which often develops among patients with pancreatic cancer. These patients do not have enough pancreatic enzymes, which break down and absorb food, and often experience poor quality of life and worse outcomes.

The Precision Promise initiative designs and manages pancreatic cancer research and clinical trials in collaboration with a collective of leading experts. This includes basic and translational research funding, key opinion leader and industry partnerships, and early and late stage clinical development. Additionally, researchers investigate supportive care measures, and analyze extensive patient data to better understand what makes every patient’s tumor unique.

Patients enrolled in this Precision Promise trial who experience PEI will be provided pancrelipase from Abbvie through a research study agreement, at no additional cost to the patient. All patients in the trial will be eligible to receive this supportive care, regardless of whether they have been randomized to the standard of care or experimental treatment arm being evaluated through Precision Promise.

With the addition of pancrelipase treatment to this trial, clinical investigators hope to also learn the quality of life benefits potentially derived from this supportive care.



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