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Journal of Clinical Oncology
Bempegaldesleukin Plus Nivolumab in First-Line Metastatic Melanoma

This phase II cohort from PIVOT-02 study evaluates the CD122-preferential interleukin-2 pathway agonist bempegaldesleukin plus nivolumab in first-line metastatic melanoma.

Journal of Clinical Oncology
Durvalumab in Addition to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients With Stage IIIA(N2) Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer

For patients with resectable stage IIIA NSCLC, neoadjuvant CT with cisplatin and docetaxel followed by surgery resulted in a 1-year EFS rate of 48% in the SAKK 16/00 trial and is an accepted...

Journal of Clinical Oncology
Radiation and Androgen Deprivation Therapy With or Without Docetaxel in the Management of Nonmetastatic Unfavorable-Risk Prostate Cancer

Although docetaxel is not recommended when managing men with unfavorable-risk prostate cancer given negative or inconclusive results from previous randomized trials, unstudied benefits may exist.

Journal of Clinical Oncology
Adjuvant Versus Early Salvage Radiation Therapy for Men at High Risk for Recurrence Following Radical Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer and the Risk of Death

Investigators evaluate the impact of adjuvant versus early sRT on all-cause mortality risk in men with adverse pathology defined as positive pelvic lymph nodes or pGleason score 8-10 prostate cance

Journal of Clinical Oncology
Randomized Phase III Postoperative Trial of Platinum-Based Chemotherapy Versus Capecitabine in Patients With Residual Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Following Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

The EA1131 trial hypothesized that iDFS would not be inferior but improved in patients with basal subtype TNBC treated with adjuvant platinum compared with capecitabine.

Journal of Clinical Oncology
Next-Generation Inhibitor For the Treatment of RET-altered Tumors Including RET+ NSCLC and RET-mutant MTC

During the escalation, 67 patients with RET-altered advanced solid tumors received once-daily oral doses of BOS172738 (10-150 mg).

Journal of Clinical Oncology
Response to Selpercatinib versus Prior Systemic Therapy in Patients With RET Fusion+ Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer

Selpercatinib, a first-in-class highly selective, potent, CNS-active RET kinase inhibitor, is approved in multiple countries for treatment of RET fusion+ lung or thyroid cancers.

Journal of Clinical Oncology
Phase II Trial Correlating Standardized Uptake Value With Pathological Complete Response to Pertuzumab and Trastuzumab in Breast Cancer

Predictive biomarkers to identify patients with HER2+ breast cancer who may benefit from targeted therapy alone are required.

Journal of Clinical Oncology
Phase II Study of Maintenance Rucaparib in Patients With Platinum-Sensitive Advanced Pancreatic Cancer and a Pathogenic Germline or Somatic Variant in BRCA1, BRCA2, or PALB2

This investigator-initiated, single-arm phase II study assesses the role of the PARPi rucaparib as maintenance therapy in advanced PC with germline or somatic PV in BRCA1, BRCA2, or PALB2.

Journal of Clinical Oncology
Therapy for Stage IV Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer With Driver Alterations: ASCO and OH (CCO) Joint Guideline Update

This publication provides evidence-based recommendations updating the ASCO guideline on systemic therapy for patients with stage IV NSCLC with driver alterations.

Journal of Clinical Oncology
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