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Assessing the Safety of a Novel OX40 Agonist in Advanced Solid Tumors

Recently published data shows that BMS-986178, an investigational OX40 agonist, appears to be safe to use as monotherapy or in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors in the treatment...

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Structured Palliative Care Referrals in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

Researchers find that implementation of a structured palliative care process is feasible, according to a pilot study of patients with recurrent ovarian cancer.

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Adjuvant Nivolumab Practice-Changing in Resected Gastroesophageal Cancer

A “significant and clinically meaningful” improvement of disease-free survival is observed in a Phase III trial among patients who already had their esophageal or gastroesophageal cancers treated w

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Use of the Anti-Parasitic Drug Ivermectin to Treat Breast Cancer

Despite significant advances in the treatment of breast cancer, TNBC remains the most difficult subtype to treat.

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New CAR-T Approach Minimizes Resistance in B-Cell Lymphoma

Early results from a new CAR T-cell immunotherapy trial led by researchers find that using a bilateral attack instead of the conventional single-target approach helps minimize treatment resistance.

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Exploring Prescribing Patterns in Lung Cancer Patients at the End of Life

A recent study finds that more than 10 percent of lung cancer patients received some treatment in the last 30 days of life, according to data presented at the NCCN 2021 Virtual Annual Conference.

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In Gynecologic Cancers, Who Can Safely Undergo Fertility-Sparing Surgery?

Traditional surgeries for gynecologic cancers can be lifesaving, but for younger women they can also cause infertility or induce surgical menopause.

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18F-Guided PET Radiotracing Boosts Survival After Prostate Cancer Relapse

Adding the 18F-fluciclovine PET radiotracer to help guide radiation treatments for recurrent prostate cancer can improve disease-free survival rates, results from a Phase III study show.

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Researchers Uncover a Potential Treatment for Aggressive Form of Lung Cancer

These findings could pave the way for new treatments for patients with mutations in two key genes—KRAS and LKB1. 

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More Strategies Needed to Eradicate Minimal Residual Disease in AML

More potent strategies are needed to induce minimal residual disease in acute myeloid leukemia patients before they proceed to transplant.

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