Clinical Epigenetics

Clinical Epigenetics
Targeting The Methyltransferase SETD8 Impairs Tumor Cell Survival and Overcomes Drug Resistance Independently of p53 Status in Multiple Myeloma

Investigators showed that SETD8 inhibition is strongly synergistic with melphalan and may overcome resistance to this alkylating agent widely used in MM treatment.

Clinical Epigenetics
Transcriptional Epigenetic Regulation of Fkbp1/Pax9 Genes is Associated With Impaired Sensitivity to Platinum Treatment in Ovarian Cancer

Investigators perform an array of epigenetic approaches, integrating next-generation methodologies and public clinical data to identify new potential epi-biomarkers in ovarian cancer.

Clinical Epigenetics
Longitudinal Analysis of Individual cfDNA Methylome Patterns in Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Study investigators aim to investigate the dynamics of personal DNA methylomic profiles of metastatic prostate cancer patients, during disease progression and therapy administration.

Clinical Epigenetics
Abnormal Methylation Characteristics Predict Chemoresistance and Poor Prognosis in Advanced High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer

Study investigators hypothesize that specific methylation characteristics could distinguish chemoresistant and chemosensitive ovarian cancer patients.

Clinical Epigenetics
Synergistic Effects of Type I PRMT and PARP Inhibitors Against Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer Cells

Given that epigenetic modulators such as protein arginine methyltransferases are frequently overexpressed in cancers, PRMT inhibitors are a promising class of cancer therapeutics.

Clinical Epigenetics
DNA Methylation and Cancer Incidence: Lymphatic–Hematopoietic versus Solid Cancers in the Strong Heart Study

This study evaluates the association of blood DNA methylation with lymphatic–hematopoietic cancers and, for comparison, with solid cancers.

Clinical Epigenetics
DNA Methylation Profiles of Bronchoscopic Biopsies for the Diagnosis of Lung Cancer

This study aims at determining the value of DNA methylation analysis applied to specimens obtained by bronchoscopic biopsy for the diagnosis of lung cancer...

Clinical Epigenetics
5-Hydroxymethylcytosine Profiles of cfDNA are Highly Predictive of R-CHOP Treatment Response in Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma Patients

Although R-CHOP remains the standard chemotherapy regimen for DLBCL patients, not all patients are responsive to the scheme, and there is no effective method to predict treatment response.

Clinical Epigenetics
BRG1 Knockdown Inhibits Proliferation Through Multiple Cellular Pathways in Prostate Cancer

Study investigators have probed the functions of BRG1 on a background of prostate cancer to investigate how BRG1 controls gene expression programmes and cancer cell behaviour.

Clinical Epigenetics
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