Journal of Translational Medicine

Journal of Translational Medicine
The Tumor Immune Microenvironment of Primary and Metastatic HER2−Positive Breast Cancers Utilizing Gene Expression and Spatial Proteomic Profiling

Scientists work to to understand changes in immune contexture as tumors evolve after metastatic migration during therapy.

Journal of Translational Medicine
Ibrutinib Protects T-Cells in Patients With CLL From Proliferation-Induced Senescence

The impact of first and second generation clinically available BTKi on t-cell function in vitro was explored and the effects  translated to changes in post-proliferation t-cell exhaustion... 

Journal of Translational Medicine
Contextual Reprogramming of CAR-T Cells for Treatment of HER2+ Cancers

RB-340-1 is presented as an all-in-one T cell product that couples anti-HER2 CAR signaling to CRISPRi-mediated PD-1 gene suppression to prolong CAR-T cell persistence, enhancing treatment outcomes.

Journal of Translational Medicine
Single-Cell Analysis Revealed That IL4I1 Promoted Ovarian Cancer Progression

Investigators comprehensively analyzed an ovarian cancer single-cell RNA sequencing dataset, GSE118828, and identified nine major cell types.

Journal of Translational Medicine
The Role of PDGFRA as a Therapeutic Target in Young Colorectal Cancer Patients

An analysis of 49 CRC patients was conducted to understand the molecular characteristics of young patients through a whole-exome and RNA sequencing with tumor and matched normal samples.

Journal of Translational Medicine
Cytotoxic Lymphocytes-Related Gene ITK from a Systematic CRISPR Screen Could Predict Prognosis of Ovarian Cancer Patients With Distant Metastasis

Researchers collect 6,722 significant genes correlated with metastasis within CRISPR/Cas9 library and identified ITK as a key factor to predict clinical outcomes...

Journal of Translational Medicine
Niraparib Exhibits a Synergistic Anti-Tumor Effect With PD-L1 Blockade by Inducing an Immune Response in Ovarian Cancer

In this study, investigators examined the dynamic changes and responses of immune cells and cytokines during Niraparib treatment for ovarian cancer.

Journal of Translational Medicine
Development of a Two-Circular RNA Panel as Potential Prognostic Biomarker for Gastric Cancer

Scientists attempted to screen circRNAs that can be used to predict postoperative recurrence and survival in patients with GC.

Journal of Translational Medicine
Nuclear HER3 Expression Improves the Prognostic Stratification of Patients With HER1 Positive Advanced Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Scientists conducted this retrospective observational study on two series of locoregionally advanced LSCC patients treated with BioRT with cetuximab and salvage or upfront surgery...

Journal of Translational Medicine
Low CCL19 Expression is Associated With Adverse Clinical Outcomes for Follicular Lymphoma Patients Treated With Chemoimmunotherapy

This study examined hub genes associated with prognosis in follicular lymphoma treated with first-line rituximab combined with chemotherapy.

Journal of Translational Medicine
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